MacEwan University’s Chancellor’s Entrance Scholarships for 2023–2024

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Are you looking for a Canadian scholarship? Take into consideration attending Edmonton, Canada’s MacEwan University, a public university that was established in 1971. The Chancellor’s Entrance Scholarship is one of the partially funded scholarships available to bachelor’s degree candidates at MacEwan University.

Synopsis of Scholarship

  • Study Level: Bachelor’s Host University: MacEwan University
  • Academic Scholarship Sum: $14,00 CAD
  • Type of Scholarship: Partial Funding
  • All nationalities are eligible to apply.
  • All subjects taught at MacEwan University are eligible.
  • There is no specified number of recipients.
  • Extra Scholarships Are Materials Needed? Absent Admission Closing date: January 30, 2024 (Open Currently)

Coverage of Chancellor’s Entrance Scholarships

These two categories of qualifying requirements must be fulfilled in order to be eligible for an international student scholarship:

1.MacEwan University Requirements for Admission-the conditions that must be fulfilled in order to be accepted to MacEwan University

2.Specific Qualifications for Chancellor’s Entrance Scholarships-the conditions that must be fulfilled in order to be eligible for the Chancellor’s Entrance Scholarships

Make sure to take note of these requirements before preparing your application, as they differ depending on the scholarship and the institution.

MacEwan University Requirements for Admission

Prior to submitting an application for an international student Chancellor’s Entrance Scholarship, you must submit an application for admission to MacEwan University. Discover the requirements for admission to MacEwan University.CLICK HERE

Specific Qualifications for Chancellor’s Entrance Scholarships

Do you fit the requirements for admission? If so, you’re all set to submit a scholarship application. The following extra standards or prerequisites must be fulfilled in order to apply for Chancellor’s Entrance Scholarships:

  • 95–100% or an AGPA above 3.99 to be eligible for the Chancellor’s Scholarship
  • For the President’s Scholarship, an AGPA of 3.90–3.99 or 90–94.99% is required.
  • With an AGPA of 3.70–3.89 or 85–89.99% for the Provost’s Scholarship
  • Having an AGPA of 3.50–3.69%, or 80–84.99%, for the Dean’s Scholarship

For additional information, be sure to visit the pages for the Chancellor’s Entrance Scholarships and MacEwan University admissions!

How to Apply for Chancellor’s Entrance Scholarships

You can proceed with the application process if you satisfy the requirements for MacEwan University and the Chancellor’s Entrance Scholarships!

Don’t forget to submit your MacEwan University admissions application before submitting your Chancellor’s Entrance Scholarship application.To view the admissions application procedure, go to the official website located in the MacEwan University Admissions Section.

The Chancellor’s Entrance Scholarship does not require a separate application. Simply submit a MacEwan University admissions application, and if you fit the requirements, you’ll be automatically considered for this offer.

When to Submit a Chancellor’s Entrance Scholarship Application

The good news is that there is no deadline for applying for scholarships offered by Chancellor’s Entrance! It’s crucial to apply before the MacEwan University admission deadlines, even though there are no set dates.The dates are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s Deadline: January 30, 2024 (spring/summer)
  • May 1, 2023 is the deadline for the bachelor’s program (different bachelor’s programs have different deadlines).
  • Winter deadline for bachelor’s degree: September 30, 2023 (deadlines vary depending on bachelor’s program)

The Scholarships Page for Chancellor’s Entrance

Do you have any questions about MacEwan University, the Chancellor’s Entrance Scholarships, the qualifications, the application procedure, or other relevant topics?CLICK

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