Young Graduates’ Digital Skill Development Program at NASPERS Labs

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Young Graduates' Digital Skill Development Program at NASPERS Labs

The Young Graduates’ Digital Skill Development Program at NASPERS Labs is presently accepting applications from young people without jobs who are motivated to apply. Naspers Labs is a social impact initiative that targets young unemployment by providing support to youth-led, tech-enabled micro-businesses, training in digital skills, and access to professions in technology. Apart from imparting digital skills, the curriculum effectively equips youth for the corporate world through work-readiness training, internships, experiential learning, and, in the end, job or business chances.

NASPERS Labs Overview

  • Program Location: South Africa
  • Duration: Varying
  • Available Slots: Several
  • Basic Qualifications: Graduates
  • Nationality: All

NASPERS Labs’ Digital Skills Training Program

  • Combines Naspers’ deep tech expertise with partner organizations’ expertise.
  • Provides tailored development programs for graduates and jobless youth.
  • Aims to equip young people with digital skills for the digital age.
  • Curriculum includes in-demand skills for data scientists, cloud computing, cyber security, and software development.
  • Aims to facilitate job acquisition.

NASPERS Labs Digital Skills Training Program Requirements

  • Graduates are required.
  • Young, unemployed individuals interested in digital age work.
  • Ideal age range: 18-34.
  • Preparation for in-demand skills in data science, cloud computing, cyber security, software development.
  • Proficiency in communication required.

NASPERS Labs Program Application Process

  • Visit partner organizations’ websites.
  • Offers digital skills training for recent graduates.

Deadline for application: Not Specified

Visit the official scholarship website

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