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Leadership and Character Scholarship

Wake Forest University may be able to offer you financial assistance if you are admitted as an international student into one of its academic programs. Wake Forest University helps you pay for your living and educational expenses by providing discounts, bursaries, tuition fee reductions, and scholarships.

Overview of Wake Forest University Scholarships

Wake Forest University is the host.
provides complete scholarships to cover the cost of schooling.
Tuition reduction is one aspect of coverage.
Accepting people of any nationality.
A high school diploma is necessary.
There is no mention of age.

Eligibility for the Leadership and Character Scholarship

Seeking extraordinary moral leadership, devotion, and purpose from top students.
looking for students that have worked hard, overcome challenges, and served others.
Integrity, diligence, curiosity, generosity, humility, and thanks are among the attributes of an applicant.
I am looking for someone with a strong moral code who has completed college and has a focus on leadership and character development.

Benefits of the Scholarship Initiative

Full scholarships for outstanding students’ tuition.
involvement in initiatives aimed at developing leadership and character.
possibilities for experiential learning on campus and in the community.

Eligibility for the Leadership and Character Scholarship

In their first year, students are required to apply for need-based financial help.

Utilization of Grants

Eligibility: By December 1st, submit your undergraduate admissions application.

Deadline for applications: December 1, 2024

Go to the official scholarship webpage.

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