The goal of Monash University is to offer potential support scholarships to international students by 2024.

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International students who meet the requirements and are motivated to pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees at Monash University are now able to apply for the Achieving Potential Support Scholarships. Scholarships for Realizing Potential Support are given to both new and returning students whose personal circumstances have overshadowed their academic performance. The scholarship is awarded solely based on need; there is no predetermined ATAR requirement.

Overview of Scholarships:

Australia’s Monash University is the sponsor.
offers a maximum of $24,000.
250 Awards: Undergraduate or Graduate Students as Targets
requires students from abroad.

Overview of Scholarships at Monash University

Students who have disadvantages in their education are given special treatment.
eligibility for students with low incomes who want to go to graduate or undergraduate school.
The Achieving Potential Fund allowed for the expansion of scholarships.
The quantity of scholarships that are offered is increased by donations from friends and graduates.

Reaching Potential Scholarship Requirements at Monash University

International students have to be citizens of Australia or New Zealand.
Australian nationals are required to be permanent residents.
Holders of an Australian humanitarian visa must be enrolled or intend to enroll as students at the Monash campus.
Low income: both a higher education and a tertiary studies credential are required.

Benefits of scholarships

Scholarship duration per year: $6000 (48 credit points) for scholarships awarded in 2024.
$3000 (48 course credit points) is the length of the award per year for previous recipients.

Guidelines for Scholarship Maintenance

For each semester, keep your weighted average mark (WAM) at 50.
As per the offer letter, send donors a yearly progress report.
Share your thoughts, feelings of gratitude, and scholarship advantages.

Monash University Scholarship Application Procedures

When applying for scholarships, use VTAC.
If you’re already enrolled at Monash, apply directly to the school.
The scholarship is deferred.
Every scholarship may have its own application procedure.
Go over the application details in detail.
Submit the application before the cutoff date.

Application Closing Date: Not Given

Go to the official scholarship webpage.

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