The Postgraduate Scholarship in Medicine at Glenmore in 2024 - Scholarship

The Postgraduate Scholarship in Medicine at Glenmore in 2024

The Postgraduate Scholarship in Medicine at Glenmore in 2024. If you are accepted into a study program at the University of Edinburgh as an international student, you may be eligible for financial assistance. To assist you in meeting your current living expenses and tuition, the University of Edinburgh offers bursaries, scholarships, tuition fee reductions, and discounts.

In brief

  • The University of Edinburgh is the host. 
  • Place in the United Kingdom.
  • A wide range of benefits are provided.
  • Closing date: May 31, 2024.
  • A number of scholarships were given out.
  • Remission of all tuition.
  • A bachelor’s degree is necessary.
  • No age is given.

Identity Overview 

  • Afghan, Algerian, Armenian, Bangladeshi • Filipino, Bhutanese, Botswana, Vietnamese, Cameroonian, Central African, Cape Verdean, Chad, Ethiopian, Ghanaian-Guinean, Haitian, Kenyan-Liberian, Malagasy in Libya, Malindi, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanma, Namibian, Nepali, Nigerian, Senegalese in Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, African, South African, Tanzanian, Timorese, Togolese, Algerian, Tuvaluan, Murundi, Ugandan, Yemeni citizens of Zambia.

Postgraduate Masters Programs are Available at the University

  • Meets the prerequisites for eligibility for the Glenmore Medical Postgraduate Scholarship.

Benefits of scholarships

  • Includes complete tuition for the duration of the study program.

Scholarship Requirements

  • Strong personal statements and academic merit should be taken into account.
  • Candidates must possess or expect to get a first-class honors degree from the United Kingdom.
  • Your personal statement needs to be 3500 characters long.

Elements of the University of Edinburgh Curriculum

  • Drawn in by its distinctive educational elements.
  • Provides chances for both personal and professional growth.
  • Encourages giving back in the community, country, or area.

Deadline for application: May 31, 2024

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