The African Professional Fellowship, Department of State, United States, 2024.

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As a leader or as a potential leader, do you wish to broaden your knowledge and expertise overseas? Then submit an application for the U.S. Department of State Professional Fellowship to network with and learn from African and American leaders. The Professional Fellows Program, which strives to share and apply best practices for training leaders in Africa, is funded by the US Department of State.

United States Department of State Fellowship Sponsorship

The host is the US Host Organization.
Fellowship type: fully funded.
several honors.
first-class status.
Africans are their nationality.

Requirements for the American Department of State Professional Fellowship

On fellowship day, everyone between the ages of 25 and 40 is eligible.
Citizenship: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia.
J-1 US visa eligibility.
Two years of experience.
Fluency in written and spoken English.
Travel: An American program lasting five weeks.

Benefits of Fellowships

return flight to the United States.
insurance for domestic travel.

covering accidents and health.
Living allowance for meals, transportation, and incidentals.
Spendable stipend for culture.
provisions for people with disabilities.
hotspot for WiFi.

The Professional Fellowship Application Process

online application through a form.
submitting the required documentation by the deadline.

Deadline to Apply: May 15, 2024

Go to the official scholarship webpage.

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