The Megatrends in Germany Fellowships in Africa in 2024 - Scholarship

The Megatrends in Germany Fellowships in Africa in 2024

The call for applications for the Megatrends Afrika Fellowships 2024 is currently open. African researchers who meet the requirements are invited to apply for a fully funded fellowship opportunity in Germany, which offers a €2,800 monthly reward. For post-doctoral researchers from African nations who are focusing on African-related topics, Megatrends Afrika is providing many awards.

Overview of the Fellowship:

Megatrends is the sponsor. Africa
The German Institutes are the host institutions.
Value of the Monthly Grant: €2,800
Numerous Honors
Africans at the postdoctoral study level

Conditions for Eligibility for the Megatrends Afrika Fellowships 2024

Accepting postdoctoral researchers from African nations alone.
The selection process is predicated on submitted research projects.
Focus your studies on topics related to Africa.


Armed violence and conflicts in the Sahel
relationships between resource and land usage issues, climate change, and armed violence.
views from the locals about foreign intervention in crisis areas.

Changes in gender or demographics
influence on women’s participation in politics, political views, and political convictions.

Democracy in opposition to autocracy
impact from both external and internal sources.

Africa’s Involvement in Multilateral and Minilateral Forums Foreign Relations in the Context of the Emerging Global Order, Particularly Contacts between the South and South.

Integration and Cooperation in the African Region
The workings of regional cooperation and integration dynamics.

Foreign policy and domestic politics are related.

Benefits of the Program:

Fellowships were granted on a full-time basis from May 2, 2024, until November 30, 2024.
Fellows reside in the city of the host institution.
A grant of €2,800 each month.
Economy: return travel to Germany from home.
IDOS charges an honorarium based on the IDOS charge schedule.

Procedure for Application:

Send a single PDF document.
Provide examples of research papers, a list of academic publications, a cover letter, and a motivational letter.
Present your diplomas or transcripts of studies (you don’t need to translate them).
Compose a 2000-word idea note that includes a project overview.

Concept Note for the Policy Brief on Megatrends

The extent and aspirations for publishing.
Talk about the project or area of study.
both policy and academic significance.
Possibility as well as a theoretical and methodological foundation.

Applications must be submitted by March 10, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. CET.

Go to the official scholarship webpage.

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