Apply now for the N1 million Presidential Palliative Loan! - Scholarship

Apply now for the N1 million Presidential Palliative Loan!

Apply now for the N1 million Presidential Palliative Loan

Apply now for the N1 million Presidential Palliative Loan. As part of the larger Presidential Palliative Program, the Federal Government recently launched the Presidential Conditional Loan Scheme for Nigerian organizations, including nano organizations. This program aims to mitigate the impact of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s May 29, 2023, withdrawal of the fuel appropriation.

According to the administration, a significant step toward monetary strengthening in Nigeria is addressed by the Presidential Conditional Loan Scheme, which modifies financial assistance. Important components include a commitment to transparency and competence, the use of digital transformation for open application procedures via smartphones and PCs, providing financial education resources, and being ready for a viable asset on the board.

The program specifically targets the following industries: craftsmen, ICT, transportation, food administration, dealers, and innovation. Competitors who meet the requirements may apply at, the authority website. If the candidates meet the qualifying requirements, their respective banks will handle the payment.

The conditions of the loan include three years for MSMEs, one year for producers seeking operating capital, and a sixty-month period with a six-month prohibition for producers seeking resource funding. The annual cost of the loan is fixed at 9%, and if it is not repaid, legal action will be taken.

In order to apply solely or with an allied organization, candidates must have an enlisted business (sole proprietorship, association, or restricted risk organization). Although there isn’t a set age requirement, candidates must be at least 18 years old.

Inquiring and eligible individuals should go to to apply. The deadline for applications is this Sunday, December 31, 2023. In the application interaction, they must provide the necessary details, provide business data together with the necessary papers, specify business administration, and explain how the loan will benefit their company.

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